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We want help you represent your brand and meet your goals for success. If you're not familiar with doing design work and need to hire a professional team, we're here to help!

Our team reviews your website and branding. We work with you to determine an acceptable budget to create your logo, web images, label layouts and much more. Contact us with questions, we would love to help!

Option #1
- Our first app (Beardsy) allows you to simply upload logos onto pre-made label templates and charges a monthly fee. This is handy if you don’t want to invest in label development.

Option #2Our second app (Hillman Reid) allows you to send us complete label templates that we hold for print and is free to use. This allows you to rename scents and products as you wish. You can also sell HR branded products without any of the limitations found in the first app.

Step 1. Create Your Own Label Designs - Label Templates Download Version 6 (Adobe® Illustrator®)

Step 2. Install our app and place the labels onto Products and swap images out - Product Images Download (Adobe® Photoshop®) or Download (PNG)

Step. 3. Email your templates to (if files are too large, third part file transfer services can help (such as

We do offer design services that we cater to specific needs. 

Contact us right now and let's get this ball rolling!

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