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Need Help? 1.888.210.3996
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Want a fair way to earn income in your area? Hit the street with this new and upcoming brand that feeds a market few have attempted to reach!

We give you the tools to be successful with little to no investment. Sign up and we grant you access to easily:

1. Send Invoices to Clients

- You can send invoices to clients and get a commission when the invoices are paid.

2. Place Wholesale Orders

- You can purchase products at wholesale prices and then sell them forward at retail price, hence making a profit. Orders will be sent as invoice to sales rep email.

3. Affiliate links

- Each sales rep gets their own affiliate link which they can share and market on their social media.

- Each Rep can choose their unique link and enter a welcome message.

4. Become a Team Manager

- Add Reps and earn 3% commission for all of their sales. Friends, family and people you meet with an interest. A simple and easy way to build income.

5. We assign your customers to your account 

- We give commission to reps if the tagged customer makes a purchase, so reps can manage the customers.

- Sales representatives simply need to login to Hillman Reid to access their back-office from their accounts page.

NOTE: Our system tracks commission payouts and that get released after reaching 30 days or $250USD, whichever comes first. 

Hillman Reid ships products to your store and/or customers from Toronto Canada, Buffalo New York and Houston Texas USA. If you’re on the Shopify platform we have two options for linking products to your store. Contact me for further details and we can set you up quickly.

Our products are an easy upsell to customers and offer you a fantastic margin. Let’s make customers happy, earn amazing reviews and be rewarded by earning lots of money together!

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