Lip Balm

Lip Balm

This is where you're going to create your own label designs. Glad to see you working to build a business or expanding your product offering for customers!

Contact us with questions if you need help. We do provide tutorials and have placed links to the videos below.

Step 1. Create an account so that you can save your designs. If you already have an account, log in now.

Step 2. Start from scratch or upload completed designs, images and or logo artwork.

Step 3. Fit images, logos and text within the allotted space.

Step 4. If your design isn't complete, add text to describe the product, place the scent name and product weight.

Step 5. Create the ingredient labels. We provide the ingredient list for you as a template. Some products only have one label on the front of the package. Make sure you don't put the scent names on the ingredient labels otherwise you will need to make multiple versions for no reason.

Step 6. Save your designs and when you're ready, add the product to cart.

Step 7. You will need to create a design for each product variation. If the product has a different scent or size, you will need to create another file and add it to the cart as well.

Step 8. Check out to submit the files. We will know you're happy with the finished result when we receive your completed cart.

Once we receive the files we will generate a product mock-up for your store. Depending on the plan you've selected, we will either load your store for you or send instructions on how to do the work yourself.

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