Teakko Scent Beard Soap & Conditioner
Teakko Scent Beard Soap & Conditioner
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Teakko Scent Beard Soap & Conditioner

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Teakko scent: A perfect blend of mahogany and teak wood with bottom notes of oak. Followed by cedarwood with just a hint of geranium and lavender.  

If you have a beard, you need Scruff Club! Our glorious all in one beard soap and conditioning bars ship each month. They're fresh, soft and will leave your beard feeling like Goldilocks but much more manly. Like super manly.

We use Coconut, Shea Seeds, Mango Seeds. Then we add fire-roasted African Black soap made by a fair trade village. How do they make our African Black soap? They use Cocoa-pods and plantain peels, burnt to potash. This potash is added to water and boiled. They then melt 45% Shea Butter, 30% Coconut Oil and 25% Palm Kernel Oil. This mixture is then boiled and hardened. More goes into our soap, but these are what make our unique Beard Soap so very special!

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