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Ultra Belly Butter Skin Care HR App PL

Ultra Belly Butter

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Afraid of stretch marks? Our belly butter is non-irritating to the skin and richly blended to gently moisturize and nourish stretched and ageing skin. Perfect for pregnant moms and entirely safe for babies that need to feel the warmth of your skin! Enjoy the unique blend of Blue Tansy and Chamomile flowers!

- Anti-bacterial and calming properties

- Does not leave skin feeling oily

- Helps reduce inflammation of sunburns, minor scrapes, and cuts

- Excellent for relieving skin conditions such as rosacea

- Excellent moisturiser

- Gentle on sensitive skin

- Eliminates bacteria

- Reduces the appearance of stretch marks and wrinkles

Apply all over your belly after you’ve enjoyed a bath or shower. Pat your body dry with a towel before application. Massage a dollop into your skin. Leave a little of the moisturizer to sit on your skin, do not rub in until you dry your skin completely.

Hydrogenated Soy Oil and Medium Chain Triglyceride, Anthemis Nobilis Flower Oil, Matricaria Chamomilla Oil, Tanacetum Annuum Flower Oil


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