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White Label Design Service

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What's Included?

Our design service value is outstanding. When compared to a freelance service at $50 - $120 per label design, you will find we're very competitive and here to support your startup goals.  


We offer the following service when designing your products:

+ Unlimited design revisions until initial designs are approved
+ 3 Different label designs for Men's, Women's and Neutral Products with same logo
+ Change Scent + Product Names (optional)
+ Create product mock-up images for store
+ Upload products and images
+ Update store listings with new Product / Scent Names (if applicable)

 * Partner must supply a professionally made (clean) vector format logo 



We offer extra services that can be billed if you're interested:

Add Different Colors for Scents
- We will add a different color for each scent name to the design for an extra $2USD per label affected (not per product)

Custom Label Design For Each Product
- We will design a custom label for each product for an extra $25USD per product if you purchase our Premium Service

Custom Label For Each Product and Scent
- We will design a custom label for each Product and Scent / Size when you purchase our Premium Service, leave a deposit of $1000 USD and agree to a not to exceed budget (estimated quote) being billed at $80USD per hour for custom design work. Extensively detailed projects will require progress billing.

Step 1. Purchase the service 

Step 2. Add required information using the form below

Step 3. Change the Scent Names (optional)

Step 4. Change the Product Names (optional)

Step 5. Fill out our Label Design Questionnaire (optional)

Step 6. Review our workflow to understand the review and approval process


Want to own the print files? The onboarding / design fees do not include the release of print files. For original file release Hillman Reid will quote $80USD/hr based on the amount of time that was required to complete your work, less the initial service fee costs.  

Want to create your own labels instead? CLICK HERE 

Step 1 - Required Information

Step 2 - Scent Name Rebranding (Optional)

Step 3 - Product Name Rebranding (Optional)

Step 4 - Label Design Questionnaire - (Optional)

Step 5 - Choose Barcode Type

Do I need Barcodes?

Selling products online is one of the best ways to reach customers and increase sales. Many resellers also want to place their products in brick and mortar stores, on Amazon.com or Walmart.com. Barcodes allow you to do that but there's BIG variations in requirements, so please choose carefully.

Our products are supplied with the same barcodes to all partners unless you select an option to make them unique. You can not use our barcodes with major online reseller platforms. This is because there are strict rules about requirements to lease barcodes from GS1.


Bar Code Options: 

We provide a few options for barcodes to be added to products.


1.) Shared (Free / Not Unique) - These barcodes are a standard set of barcodes owned by Hillman Reid and are used on partner products if you don't supply your own set or option to use a unique set.

2.) Partner Owned (Suppy to HR) - These barcodes would need to be supplied to HR by your team. We recommend this process if you want to sell products with major retailers.

3.) Unique (HR Supplied / Not GS1) - These barcodes are owned by HR and issued to your product lines only. They are not leased from GS1, therefore you can only use them in smaller retailer platforms / stores that don't require GS1 codes.


GS1 Barcodes

GS1 leases barcodes/GTINs on a yearly basis. They are necessary for most online and traditional retailers including Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, Google, Carrefour, Tesco and Walmart.


Other Barcodes

The barcodes we offer, or that you can find with online resellers, are perfect for retail stores that don't require GS1 barcodes. You can purchase them without yearly fees. These are not permitted for use at all major reseller platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, Google, Carrefour, Tesco and Walmart. If you want to work with major retailers, please verify if they require GS1 barcodes before selecting our alternatives.



Step 6 - Choose Container Types

We currently provide two Packaging Group Options. The images below are of the packaging that we use.  You will need to choose which Packaging Group you want to use for your brand.

- Aluminum Containers for Majority of Products - PET (Plastic) Containers for Majority of Products
- Aluminum Lids with Optional PET Pumps  - Glass Containers / PET Pumps 
- PET Containers (Deodorant Tube Only) - Aluminum Containers / Aluminum Lids
- Bio Film - Bio Film

Notes:  Notes:
- Better Environmental Advantages - Lower Retail Costs
- Larger Selection of Products / Scents - Labels do not fully wrap tall PET cylindrical containers
- Labels fully wrap cylindrical containers  
- Refill options available for PET Containers  

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