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We all love the look of product videos right inside the listings. Let's review how easy it is to get video onto your site. Add a level of professionalism that secures the confidence of buyers! 

Want to see the video in a larger format? Watch it here: 

Follow the Steps Required:  

- Secure Branded Product Videos from our team
- Install an app that will allow videos to be embedded on your site. For Shopify we've been using Widgetic (Video Player)
- Sign up for the Pro Plan to get all the features required
- Setup a 1080 x 1080 widget
- Use the Playback features to have the video automatically start and to loop (repeat)

- Save the widget and copy the embed code 
- Edit the product listing using the HTML editor shown as these symbols <>

- Add the following code to create a space between the video and text: <br>
- Review the product listing and you're ready to create another widget for a different product


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