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Frequently Asked Questions


Yes. We can formulate an invoice payable by many standard methods. Contact us for help with this. 

No. Generally we do not offer payment terms unless we have been in a successful relationship with a long history of successful order placement.

When you receive an order from your customer, we receive the same order. Billing for your order will be processed through the card (or PayPal account) that you have on file. Alternatively you can add money to a wallet (within your account profile in the HR app) to have orders flow quickly. 

Custom Combs

Yes. We do a large number of custom logos on combs. Our combs are bench-made with an etched design or pattern applied. Contact us for help making these additions to your store and our design team will work some real magic for you. 


Yes. You will need to make sure your settings are correct within your Shopify store.

Under Store Settings, tap Checkout, find Order procession section, under the heading After an order has been paid, select Automatically fulfill the order's line items. You can also select Notify customers of their shipment via email if you want an email to be sent when the order is automatically fulfilled.  

Celebrate! Congratulations! It's a great feeling.

When you receive an order the customer has paid your site for the product(s). Our system will automatically attempt to bill your payment method on file with Hillman Reid.
Once we receive payment your order is added to our production schedule. We will then fulfill the order. We update tracking in our system and it flows to your website. Your order will close and your store will email your customer with tracking details. 

All done! Follow up with customers and keep in contact!

Each of our retailer plans add extra service to help you build your brand reputation.

These options include the following:

Option 1 - $4.99 /Monthly

Reseller of Hillman Reid Products Only (No Private Label Option)

Option 2 - $9.99 /Monthly

Sell Private Label Products

Fully Customized Front & Back Labels

Product and Scent Name Rebranding (If required)

Use our web site based design app to create label designs (per item setup fee extra)

Adobe Illustrator label templates available for download (per item setup fee extra)

Option have Hillman Reid create label designs (flat rates available)

Please notify when switching plans, otherwise the transition may not be applied until the 1st of the next month.

Option 3 - $24.99 /Monthly

All options in Retailer Plan #2

Inclusion Storage (Customer supplied stickers, wrapping paper etc. placed within shipped orders – Less than 50grams per item)

Packages to have a Branded Sticker or Stamp on outside

Ability to sell Samples

Ability to sell Product Bundles / Gift Sets

Please notify when switching plans, otherwise the transition may not be applied until the 1st of the next month.

Option 4 - $49.99 /Monthly

All options in Retailer Plans #2, 3

We will ship a small product sample with every order (random but not same as order items)

Please notify when switching plans, otherwise the transition may not be applied until the 1st of the next month.

No. We ship the products in plain packaging but do offer upgrades to stamp your logo or add a sticker to them to brand them for you.

Pricing through the apps will remain as listed but are subject to change. For further discounts we offer wholesale pricing. Contact for access if you need this ability.

Label Design

We do it for you based on Product Modules that you selec t or you can hire us to complete the design work.

Please email them to Feel free to complete a single layout for review and we will work with you to make sure all is well.

You're welcome to send your completed sets to a file share service such as wetransfer or dropbox.

HR spends approx. 8-12hrs completing full label sets for products. When you place your order for label design you secure a position in line to have them completed and we can quote an approx. lead time to see your initial draft for review. Typically we release a first design within one week to get conversation started between you and our design team.

Yes. You can list your Company Name, State / Province and Country.

If you wish to carry our full line of products you will need to use our HR App . Our program requires you, a designer or our team complete full label designs if you wish to do private label branding.

Quick upload is very common these days online but when trying to fully customize a product label, it's not that fast and easy. You have the option of a quick solution without full customization by uploading the HR branded product line.

Yes. We can use it if the image is of great quality. Generally you will get the very best result vector based files. If your logo needs to be converted from an image to a vector and it's not easily done, we would quote a cost to you for the work.

No. You can create a single layout and we will create all the files required for each scent name so long as the scent name is left as editable text. However, if you're creating a layout that is dynamic (changes) based on the number of characters in each scent name, then yes you will need to create a layout for each scent name.

Vector Graphics are points used to create shapes, lines, and curves. A Raster Graphic contains individual pixels of information to form an image in a picture while a Vector Graphic contains points that enclose the shape. Software uses mathematically defined areas to fill in the missing information.  

Most popular file formats for Vector Graphics are:


• AI



No. If we supply marketing material it will become very obvious, very quickly, that we're supplying you and many others with products they have. Imagine the same videos being posted to a social media platform just minutes apart or with the same hashtags but different company logo.

My Store

No. Changing the product SKU's will disconnect the product from the app and we won't receive the orders.

No. Using the images we supply to create your own gift sets won't allow the app to receive the order. We do have gift sets available and would like to hear from you if you have an idea for another set that we don't currently offer. 

You can use 3rd party apps to offer customers incentives to bundle products together or even subscribe for automatic re-orders.

Yes. There are 3rd party apps that allow you to bundle products in your store. 

You may want to review Bold Commerce as a solution. 

Yes. There are 3rd party apps that allow customers to subscribe to products in your store. 

You may want to review Bold Commerce as a solution.  

You can use collaborators to give Shopify Partners access to your Shopify admin directly through their own Partner Dashboard. Collaborator permissions give Partners access to only the sections of your store that you want them to see, and don't count towards your store's staff limit.

Hillman Reid only requires access to Products and Apps to help you with installation of products or product revision when you ask us to. 

Want to learn more about collaborator accounts? Visit Shopify to read more.  

No. Our team is only permitted to upload private label branded products to ensure we don't load Bisson or HR to a site without intent.

After our team installs your products you will want to complete the following; 

  • Review selling prices and complete any adjustments you wish to make 
  • Edit product descriptions to better suit your brand / audience 
  • Add products to categories or tag them as you require 
  • If you rename the scents, you can reorder them alphabetically
  • Reorder images alphabetically by scent name if desired
  • Update Product Availability to make them visible through all your sales channels
  • Automatic Fulfillment? Under Store Settings, tap Checkout, find Order procession section, under the heading After an order has been paid, select Automatically fulfill the order's line items. You can also select Notify customers of their shipment via email if you want an email to be sent when the order is automatically fulfilled

Within Shopify you have an ability to display the product vendor on product listings. We have our app set to list your company name so that you can use this Shopify feature and protect your supplier information. We will receive the orders and fulfill them for you even though this section does not read Hillman Reid

Order Changes

Yes. We need changes to be requested within 3 hours of order placement. Please contact us with change request as soon as you can.

Yes. We can cancel live orders within 6hrs of order placement so long as they haven't been shipped. If the order has had shipping documents created, the cost of shipping can not be refunded.


We use American made pigment based ink on product labels.

We use American made High-Performance Gloss Polyester labels for products.

High-Performance Inkjet Gloss (HPIG) is engineered exclusively for best-in-class performance in dye- and pigment-based inkjet label printers. This synthetic is the industry-leading high-performance gloss label for inkjet: Capturing brilliant colors,
high-resolution images, and razor-sharp text. (HPIG comes with a high-quality permanent adhesive.)

About the Adhesive:

This adhesive has a versatile, general purpose permanent adhesive designed for excellent adhesion to plastics and other materials. Excellent tack keeps your labels permanently affixed to where we apply them. Adhesive meets the requirements of FDA 21 CFR 175.105 for indirect food contact.

We send smaller item / orders within padded manila envelopes and larger orders in kraft indestructo mailers. Our gift sets are sent in kraft indestructo mailers.

Add your logo to them, as a sticker or stamp, by upgrading our service. Ask us how!

Private / White Label

Yes. But, we offer free upload of products and images so can save you time. If you decide you can add your own product images, we still need good quality print files before you begin selling products. Please contact us if you choose to do this work yourself.

Yes. Changing the product name is simple and can be done in the product listing and designed into the label. This allows you to target specific customer bases.

Yes. You're welcome to change the scent names to better suit your brand. We have a simple form you will need to supply us to complete this change.

Yes. We do exactly that for 100's of online shops as well as brick and mortar stores.


We make all of our combs, hair, skin and beard care by hand in Canada. We use all natural products and ship from Toronto, NY or Texas. We purchase material in the USA and Canada. Our combs are made using American Stainless Steel. We don't source any finished products from overseas other than containers used for packaging.

Returns, Exchanges + Damaged Products

If your customer receives an item that is broken or damaged, they must contact your customer service upon receipt of their order for a replacement. You will be required to email us images of the damage along with order information.

Please contact customer support with any questions by email at or by phone at 1-888-210-3996 (M-F 9AM-6PM EST)  

We are committed to providing high quality hand-made products to your customers. If you wish to accept returns you will need to do so at your cost and have them sent to your mailing location of choice. All returns sent to Hillman Reid will be donated to the needy without account credit.

Defective, shipping or container damaged product will be covered by Hillman Reid, please contact to coordinate specific case needs.

Sample Refund Policy can be referenced here. 


Yes. You can place an order using the app through your own store (and issue yourself a discount code) for up to 5 items. For larger orders you can place them through the Private Label Wholesale section of our site.

No. Currently we're not manufacturing samples for inclusion or sale for customers through drop shipping. 


Yes. All shipments are insured. Please be sure to ask customers to photograph damage or reject acceptance of heavily damage packages.

We ship Private Label product Monday through Friday and within 1-2 business days after payment has been received.

In most major North American cities they will receive the order within 3-5 days after shipment. In the UK you can expect 7-10 days. Beyond that you can expect 2-4 weeks depending on how far and remote the receiver is.

If the package tracking shows that the item was delivered, the shipment won't be covered by insurance. If your customer notes that the item was not received, even though tracking shows delivery, you can replace the item at your cost.

If the package is determined to be lost by the shipping carrier, Hillman Reid will coordinate a refund or replacement on your behalf. 

Within the HR app (for drop shipping) we bill the following flat rates*:

Canada $10.29 USD +$1.05 USD per additional item

USA $5.15 USD

United Kingdom $10.29 USD + $5.15 USD per additional item 

All Other Countries $20.60 USD + $5.15 USD per additional item 

*If your customer is in a remote location that greatly exceeds the allotted cost of shipping, we will contact you to determine if you would like to bill extra for the shipment or refuse the order. Since we're applying a flat rate globally, there may be an odd instance where the costs for shipping far exceeds the total order value.

We use the following for small order / non-wholesale shipments;


Canada Post - Canada

Asendia - Global

For USA & International our shipping address is as follows:

Fulfillment Center

2045 Niagara Falls Blvd STE 4

Niagara Falls, NY 14304-1675

For Canada our shipping address is as follows:

Fulfillment Center

1511 Sandy Beach Road

Pickering ON L1W1Z5


We send smaller item / orders within padded manila envelopes and larger orders in kraft indestructo mailers. Our gift sets are sent in kraft indestructo mailers.

Add your logo to them, as a sticker or stamp, by upgrading our service. Ask us how!

If you have want to choose where you ship to, select from these regions within your Shopify store.













Congo (Brazzaville)

Costa Rica


Czech Republic



Dominican Republic



El Salvador




Hong Kong, SAR China









Korea (South)





Macao, SAR China

Macedonia, Republic of







New Zealand








Puerto Rico



Russian Federation

Saint Lucia

Saudi Arabia





South Africa

South Sudan


Sri Lanka






Taiwan, Republic of China



Turks and Caicos Islands



United Kingdom


Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic)

Sadly when a customer provides an incorrect shipping address, the order can take 2-3 months to be returned by postal carriers, sometimes with a cost billed back to sender (your company).

We recommend asking the customer to re-order, perhaps at a discount (if you so choose). You can also ask them for the cost of return shipment as we invoice these costs to your company.

There is no refund for products returned due to incorrect address.

The products (if skin and hair care) will have been in transit for so long that we donate them locally.


If you're a reseller of HR, or are using our Private Label services, please note that we don't collect taxes on your behalf. All taxation needs to completed through your store since you’re the retailer to the end customer.

- Shopify has a great reference page for this subject: Taxes 

- WooCommerce has a great reference page for this subject: Taxes

Be sure to consult with a local tax authority / professional, if you have further questions, to ensure you are filing and remitting taxes correctly.  


Yes. We sell both the HR brand and Private Label in wholesale. Discounts are applied based on cart value (Private Label), so the more you add the larger the discount!

No. Small quantity orders of less than 5 items will be processed for you if placed through your own site. If you need to place larger volumes please do so through our website. Feel free to contact us if you need access. 

We help barber shops by adding to your level of service and building your service into a brand. We supply multiple barber shops with product that they apply to customers and aid in up sell at the counter. Furthermore, by owning a website, we can drop ship your same product to customers without you having to lift a finger. Contact so we can help you add to your revenue stream.

No. Our homepage displays retail prices. Wholesale pricing can be found on our website through a portal we grant access to, or within our integration apps.  

We bill wholesale shipping at cost based on the order weight and destination. If you need an estimate we can work with you to present a cost. 

You also have an option to use your own carrier. Please contact us to sort this option before proceeding with an order.