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Drop shippers demand the best user experience for their customers by using their own shipping rates. This allows you to combine products from multiple vendors into one reasonable shipping cost in cart.

1.) Add our products to your store
2.) In Shopify Admin navigate to 'Settings/Shipping and delivery'
3.) Click on an existing shipping profile or create a new one
4.) Ensure HR products are added to a shipping profile, otherwise they may not have a shipping method associated at customer checkout

- You can manually change the shipping rates but we will bill your order as per the list below

- Units of measure can vary in your store without affecting the shipping rates that your customers will see. This means your store can use Metric or Imperial measurements

- As your customers add products to the cart, our shipping rate may increase

With the uniquely high profit margins we offer, you can easily offer combined rates for multiple vendors, reduced rates or free shipping based on order value

Our shipping rates can also be found online in an accessible Google Spreadsheet: CLICK HERE

Please contact us with questions!

We can offer shipping to other countries, but invoice for shipping based on actual cost prior to processing your order.