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User Generated Content Video Ads Module HR - Private Label
HR - Private Label

User Generated Content Video Ads

Want another winning product? We produce high quality UGC videos, for a fraction of agency-produced content cost.

This method is a well known and effective way to validate the potential success of a new product before investing in a full drop-shipping program or larger inventory.

Supply a project brief, by filling in fields below, so we can send your task out to our content creator group. We'll start to receive applications with intro videos and filter a short list on your behalf. Then we'll forward a few intro videos for you to select the creator.

Once the Creator receives the product sample, they will have 7-12 business days to complete the video. Please allow 3-4 weeks for the entire Video Creation Process.

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The best way to make sure that our Creators know what you're looking for...

Fill out our Project Brief, listed above. The details required include the following:


Video Type: 

- Video Ad

- Testimonial
- How-To

- Unboxing
- 360 Showcase
- Honest Review

Creator Criteria: 
- Age of the Creator
- Gender
- Creator Preferences / Qualifications

Describe the scenes:
- Explain what you want seen in a video

- Note anything a Creator should mention or highlight

Task Details:
- A field that will allow you to give more instructions and clarifications, including links to images, websites, references, etc.

Content Examples:
- Provide links to content examples you would like to share with creators, or in-house editors

Here's the guideline for creating your video:   

- Complete Project Brief

- Add this Task to Cart
- Add Sample Product to Cart (to be gifted to video Creator) from our wholesale section
- We short-list Creators that apply to do your task and provide you with their intro videos
- You select the creator and we get them started
- Creator has 7-12 business days to complete the video
- Once uploaded, you have two business days to approve the video
- If something is missing from the task brief, you can ask for edits
- Once complete, you can download the edited and original video files 

Digital marketers see best results with 4–6 creatives per ad campaign
When you add a single video to cart, you will only receive one version by one creator. Adding additional videos to cart will add additional videos, each with a creator that you select.


Our community of creators produce content from their own home spaces... 


Basic quality video characteristics: 
- Produced with only a smartphone

- No additional filming equipment is required

- Features natural, home environment

- Requires basic video creation skills

- Videos are mostly used for social proof and advertising campaigns

By selecting Starter Basic, our team will edit your video and include:
- Subtitles
- Animated Captions
- Your Logo
- Call-to-action

Upgrade to Starter Pro for added features in your videos: 
- Motion Graphics
- Music

Are you looking for content created with a level of high quality?

We can supply greatly experienced actors that have home studios, better lighting, solid color backdrops, etc., please be sure to check out our Premium Starter, or Premium Pro offerings.

Premium Creator video characteristics:

- Profound knowledge of videography, acting, and editing

- Professional filming equipment (e.g. pro camera, external microphone, studio lights, tripod) or using 4K on a Smartphone

- Features creative shots, esthetical composition, and seamless cuts

- Can be filmed in a home environment, or neutral/colored background

- Videos are perfect for product pages, product listings, and advertising campaigns

By selecting Premium Basic, our team will edit your video and include:
- Subtitles
- Animated Captions
- Your Logo
- Call-to-action

Upgrade to Premium Pro for added features in your videos: 
- Motion Graphics
- Music

Can I choose multiple aspect ratios in one task?

Sorry, the simple answer is no. Your task can only have 1 type of aspect ratio. You would need to create another order for a different ratio as the file would need to be setup correctly for a different ratio.

What aspect ratio works for each platform?

When creating your task, we have a couple of options to choose from. 

16:9 Horizontal 

The standard size for widescreen movies, television, and major online streaming platforms

Works with videos for:

- Facebook feed and in-video ads

- Instagram feed

- Twitter

- Youtube
- Amazon

- LinkedIn

- Great for desktop use

1:1 Square

Commonly used for mobile screens and social media platforms

Works with videos for:

- Facebook feed and carousel ads

- Instagram feed, carousel, and shop ads

- Twitter

- LinkedIn

- Pinterest

- Great for mobile use

4:5 Vertical

A partially vertical video format, good for in-feed placements

Works with videos for:

- Facebook feed

- Instagram feed (it's also the preview size on feed for reels and IGTV)

- Pinterest

- Great for mobile use


9:16 Vertical

Popularly used for social media platforms with video story capabilities

Works with videos for:

- Facebook stories

- Instagram stories, reels, and IGTV

- TikTok organic videos

- Snapchat

- LinkedIn

- Pinterest

- Great for mobile use



Keep in mind that you CAN request edits if:

✅ Creator supplied a video that does not fit the original brief

✅ Creator forgot to include (mention) information that was stated in the brief

✅ Creator did not follow the setting / style / scene mentioned in the brief

✅ Creator mispronounced your brand name


Unfortunately, you CAN'T request edits if:

❌ You want additional scenes, mentions, or edits that weren’t mentioned in the brief

❌ You want to remove the voice-over in your video, even though you haven't; specified that this can't be used in your task brief

❌ You want to change the call to action statement (for example, the promotion date changed)

❌ You selected Honest Product Review

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