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Promotional Post Cards  HR - Private Label
Promotional Post Cards  HR - Private Label
Promotional Post Cards  HR - Private Label
HR - Private Label

Promotional Post Cards

Introducing our Custom Post and Business Cards – the perfect promotional, and thank you tool for your drop-ship orders fulfilled by Hillman Reid! Elevate your customer experience by including personalized, eye-catching cards that leave a lasting impression.

How it works:

Design: Have us create a design or provide your own custom artwork from templates: DOWNLOAD HERE

Submit Content: Fill out the forms listed below to help build content on the cards.

Optional Sample Affixing: Premium app plan partners will have product samples affixed to the cards at no extra cost.

QR Code Integration (Post Cards Only): When we select a sample to provide your customer, we source the product link from your store and place a QR code sticker that links directly to your website so you can showcase the product.

Receive Your Order: Shipping to Hillman Reid is included in the costs so that they are ready for seamless integration into your drop-ship orders.

Premium App Subscribers: Post Cards are included in your monthly app fees, but will require your first payment cycle to be completed prior to production.

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Key Features

Key Features:

Customization Options: Let us create a design, or submit your own artwork to create personalized Post Cards and Business Cards that align with your brand identity.

Premium Quality: Our cards are printed on high-quality, 16pt paper, ensuring durability and a luxurious feel. The single-sided printing showcases your message in a clean and professional manner.

Versatility: Whether you're expressing gratitude or promoting new products, these cards serve as a versatile tool to communicate with your customers. Use them as inserts in your drop-ship orders for an added personal touch.

Sample Affixing: For partner stores on our premium app plan, we offer a unique opportunity to showcase product samples directly on the card. This tangible representation enhances the customer's experience and gives them a firsthand look at your offerings.

QR Code Integration: Each card comes with a custom QR code sticker, linking the product sample to your website. This innovative feature seamlessly connects the physical and digital realms, making it easy for customers to explore and purchase related products.

Benefits for Partner Stores:

Enhanced Branding: Reinforce your brand image with professionally designed cards that reflect your unique style.

Customer Engagement: Use the cards to express gratitude, share exclusive offers, or drive traffic to your online store through the integrated QR code.

Memorable Unboxing Experience: Elevate your unboxing experience by including these stylish cards, leaving a positive and lasting impression on your customers.

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