Compare Integration Apps

We offer two options for integration into online stores.

These two apps provide different level of service and flexibility to suit the needs of customers that need a quick solution and those that demand a much more developed solution. 

Option 1 - Hillman Reid (Shopify) or Hillman Reid (WooCommerce)

Option 2 - Beardsy (Shopify)

Options Hillman Reid Beardsy
Change Scent Names YES NO
Full Label Customization  YES NO
Your Company Info on Back Label YES BLANK
Completed Label Templates NO YES
Artwork Services EXTRA NO
Blank Templates YES NO
Flat Rate Shipping USA / CANADA USA / CANADA
International Shipping NO YES
Direct Hillman Reid Support YES NO
Full Product Line YES NO
Full Customized Bisson Combs YES NO
Service Fee NO YES


For the Hillman Reid App

  • We will either need to coordinate the development of your labels, or have you provide them based on our sizing requirements. Templates can be found here.
  • Once the labels are approved (by you) we will produce images of the products with the labels or you can use the image files located on link above.
  • You can rename scents by submitting this form.

Would be glad to help further! You can also schedule a call if you wish.