1. Go to https://hillman-reid.f13works.com/register
  2. Register for an account
  3. Select ‘Connect your store’

  4. Select BigCommerce

  5. Enter your BigCommerce Store hash and & Access token

    1. The app requires Modify permissions to send products and process orders. When generating Access tokens, set permissions to Modify Products and Modify Orders.
    2. Follow the below steps to find your store hash:
      1. Log in to your BigCommerce Store 
      2. Go to Advanced Settings, Click API Accounts 
      3. Create API Account, choose V2/V3 Token

      4. You will find a field named "API Path", with the following structure, this will include your Store hash: https://api.bigcommerce.com/stores/<storehash>/v3
    3. To learn more about how to create your BigCommerce API tokens, please visit this page: https://support.bigcommerce.com/s/article/Store-API-Accounts
  6.  Select ‘Connect’

Your BigCommerce store is now connected to the app

To import products and process orders, you’ll need to subscribe to a subscription plan