About Us

We’re a wife and husband team, childhood sweethearts since our first teenage years in 1992. Raising four children wasn’t going to be enough for us. We built solid careers, felt accomplished and decided to completely change direction after creating a successful men’s beard care line in 2016.

In 2019 we expanded and rebranded to better suit a more comprehensive product selection and chose to use Jennifer’s maiden name, Hillman, and Ryan’s surname, Reid, to launch our growing passion for skin and hair care. We always wanted to make our line of products that helped people, but we also loved the idea of challenges to come.

Without formal education as chemists, we started by creating very simple and small product batches, testing ingredients and processing techniques. We likely went through way more material than we should or could have, but we wanted to learn.

Since then, we’ve grown into a small team with a great network of resources. We’re at the advantage of being able to source high-quality materials within a very short distance of our production facility.

Our feedback on products and customer service has been fantastic. We found people online asking us if they could represent us, sell our products, or purchase wholesale. That’s when we decided we could help others build businesses, too, and created a private label service.

Moving through all the challenges over the last few years has done nothing but solidify who we are and taught us to appreciate further the tiny planet we’re on.

We will continue to adapt and provide the best we can, hoping to leave our names cemented in human history with our children and passion.