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About Us

We are a dynamic wife and husband team, with a love story dating back to our teenage years in 1992. Despite raising four children and building solid careers, we craved more. In 2016, we successfully launched a men's beard care line, and since then, we have expanded and rebranded to offer a more comprehensive selection of skin and hair care products under the combined name of Hillman Reid.

By seeking guidance, we started by producing small product batches and honed our skills in processing techniques. We have been committed to learning and sourcing only the highest-quality materials, which are readily available from our production facility's nearby suppliers.

Our dedication to product excellence and outstanding customer service has garnered fantastic feedback from our loyal customers, many of whom began expressing an interest in selling or representing our products. This demand inspired us to launch a private label service to help other entrepreneurs build their own businesses.

Through the challenges we have faced, we have only grown stronger and more committed to our mission. We are passionate about leaving a lasting legacy for our children and the world we inhabit, and we will continue to adapt and innovate to provide the best products and services possible.