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We all love shopping at farmers markets, town events or festivals to support local business owners. Just maybe you're on the wrong side of the table. Who's to say that you're not cut out to sell at these sorts of markets?

All you need is a reliable product source, that's us, and value added offers. Having product knowledge, samples that customers can smell, see and not have shipped at a cost while they wait, is a HUGE advantage. 

The reality of getting setup can be a bit more complicated but is really easy to accomplish. 

Let's review how to: 
- Find and get started at local markets
- Tips and Tricks to improve experience and earnings
- Things to consider when staging your booth
- What do I need to purchase to get started?

So first, how do I find a market to sell in?

Simple. Smaller events are easier to begin with. A daily crowd of 5000-15,000 visitors can easily yield a $500-1000USD daily profit. 

Search the internet for local Farmers Markets and Festivals. These events typically rent a table or space for little cost. 

Contact the event organizer or show up to an event that you want to attend the next year. Often you can find markets that are open every weekend, which is a great opportunity to create a local repeat customer base.

Once you've found a market you'll want to choose a table location that has good foot traffic. If the organizer allows you to pick your spot, closer to food vendors is always a busier area.

Tips and Tricks for Improved Experience and Earnings? 

You need to try to talk to practically everybody that walks by. Try to imagine what they may want to buy and talk about it. If you're shy, you'll get better with practice and your sales will show it! 
If you can manage it, get a t-shirt with your logo. Professionalism goes a long way!
We have completed a lot of events and if we don't talk to people, sales slow.

We offer discounts verbally but also have a dry erase or chalk board in the pedestrian isle with offers we change often.  

We accept cash, debit and credit card. People will say that they need to get cash or they are holding cash for some other reason. We use Square to process debit and credit cards and complete a lot more sales using this technique. They have a very cheap system that allows customers to swipe or tap their cards and you can send money to your bank account anytime you wish. 

A cost effective way to bag your products is paper bags purchased from a Dollar Store. You can have a stamp made with your logo on it to better brand it. Contact us if you would like us to make you one. 

Make sure you know who you want to sell to. If you go to an event for new mothers you won't want to promote beard care. Who will you be comfortable talking to? Do you know enough about these products to sell them? If not, contact us for help! We'll be glad to discuss how we talk to potential customers to grab their interest. 

Things to consider when staging your booth?
If you're going to be outdoors you really should get a canopy. You can find really cheap ones at local big box stores. They won't be branded but they'll be less that a 1/10 of the cost. 

You'll want a chair to sit in. You'll get tired! If you have more than one person helping at the booth, it will be of great benefit. 
Folding tables are very affordable and great for other uses when not at the market. Some markets will supply tables but most will not. You can setup a table so that it sits at the front of your space or, if you have a larger foot print, can use two tables that face each other. 

If you have a 10' x 10' space , which is common, you can easily place men's products on one side of your booth and ladies products on the other by using two tables.

Be sure to consider a table cloth, it's easy to bring products in a cooler and leave them under the table hidden from view.

You can print and fold product tags with prices, but be sure to have a way to weigh them down (even with small stones if need be). Download this template and get printing!

Things you may need to get started:

- Canopy to keep you, customers and product shaded
- Cash box with change 
- Paper Shopping Bags
- Promotional items such as Business or Postcards
- Square Payment System
- Table, Chairs and Food Cooler

We recommend purchasing a small variety of product to get started. A $500-1000USD spend may be enough to carry you a weekend at a smaller event (5,000-15,000) people.

If you need wholesale access or have any questions, hit us up. We love hearing success stories and fulfilling repeat orders for our partners!

Toll Free: 1.888.210.3996