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So you’re interested in learning how to sell on Amazon using Hillman Reid products.

Let’s explore the steps you’ll need to take.

1.) Purchase your barcodes from These are the only barcodes accepted by Amazon
2.) Export your products to a CSV and edit the file using Google sheets or Microsoft Excel
3.) Save a copy of the CSV with a different name so that you have two copies, one being a backup copy
4.) Find the column on the Product Export CSV that is for barcodes
5.) You can hide redundant columns to bring Variant Barcode and Variant Options closer together for reference
6.) You will need a barcode for every product variant (different scents or sizes) you want listed on Amazon
7.) Save the file and import it back to your store. You will need to replace the items you have there now. Be sure to check off that option when importing
8.) If you need us to place the barcodes on the labels (for Amazon FBA), we charge a one time flat fee per label to do so (or a flat rate for all products) Contact us for details.
9.) Some companies, such as Amazon, will require an invoice showing that you’ve purchased these products, we recommend a small initial purchase of 5-10 of each item that you want to first list to get started
10.) Once you submit this information, some sales channels, such as Amazon, will ask for a real photo of the product being held in a hand, displaying your logo, contact information (address, website or phone number) and possibly the barcode associated
11.) After you’re all setup, it will be easy to drop ship the same way we work for you now

The larger sales channels are playing it safe after allowing so many scammers onto their platforms, so don’t be discouraged by their thoroughness and days between responses. 

Contact with questions!

Toll Free: 1.888.210.3996