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Welcome to Hillman Reid, we value your trust as a partner. Our company has certain restrictions in place to safeguard the quality and integrity for branding our products.

Please use the following form to apply for access or read about our restrictions below:

In this section, we will explore the restrictions of Hillman Reid's white label wholesale product access based on the two main variables we've set.

Custom Labels on File:
For partners who have custom labels on file with Hillman Reid, full access to our white label wholesale products is available. This means that you can purchase our products at a wholesale rate and sell them under your own label. However, for those without custom labels on file, access to this section of our website is restricted.

Our Dropship App:
This enables you to create products and place an order through your own store. To use this feature, partners must add the products to their store and create a custom order from their Admin Panel with a 100% discount applied to their order. This will ensure you're only being billed by our app for the wholesale rates and not paying yourself for the order through your own store. We will then create your order and update its status through your website.

Custom Labels:
If you're interested in custom labels for drop-shipping Hillman Reid's products, visit our Onboarding Modules to review our label design services. This is an excellent option for partners looking to customize their products and stand out in the market.

Existing Label Designs:
Partners with existing label designs on file with Hillman Reid can access our white label wholesale products at a 50% discount off the suggested retail prices listed on our website. However, if you do not have custom labels on file, you will not be able to access this section of our website.

Please reach out to our Partner Support team if you have any questions.