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Hillman Reid Premium Skin and Hair Care Inc.

Pink Clay Complexion Scrub Mask

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Our unique complexion mask will renew the look of your beautiful skin and help decongest pores. We use French pink clay, castor oil, aloe gel, vegetable glycerine and cornstarch that creates a gentle scrub that will harden into a mask. We finish this mask with just a touch of pure Rosemary and Frankincense essential oils.

Lightly apply in a circular motion on damp skin. Allow it to dry (15-20min) and wash away. You'll see your skin has a brighter complexion and smoother appearance.

- Create a smoother appearance
- Creates the appearance of a brighter complexion
- Decongest pores
- Leave skin to appear luminous
- Remove excess dirt and oils
- Renew the look of beautiful skin

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