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Hillman Reid Premium Skin and Hair Care Inc.

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Options Explained

Change Product and or Scent Names:

We highly recommend this option to create a fully branded product line. Use the forms below to update product and scent names. 

Bar Codes:

Either you will need us to supply bar codes (HR Supplied Non-GS1) or you will supply your own (GS1 Partner Supplied). Need help choosing? CLICK HERE

Product Setup:

1 Image / SKU = Front product image with your custom label

2 Images/SKU = Front product image + Product contents image (open lid showing the actual product material)

Source Files:

Individual Adobe Illustrator (*.ai) label print files for your records

What's Included?

We create your custom label designs based on your logo or concepts, then supply artwork for you to review, critique and approve. Once approved, our team installs the products with images and descriptions to your store.

Please allow 3-4 weeks for onboarding to be complete.

+ Unlimited label concept revisions until initial design is approved*
+ (1) Round and (1) Rectangular Label Concept (basic label shapes applicable to all product types)
+ Change Scent + Product Names (optional)
+ Create single or multiple (optional) product mock-up images for store
+ Upload products and images to your store
+ Update store listings with new Product / Scent Names (if applicable)

+ Shipping settings installed as per rates charged per order (Shopify)

 * Partner must supply a professionally made (clean) vector format logo. We have a blog explaining the benefits of using Fiverr as a tool for this. 


View full list of included products: ALL PRODUCTS MODULE LIST

What's Not Included?

We strive to provide you with an amazing value to get your own private label brand started! 

Logo Design: 

One of your first requirements will be to supply us with a vector format logo. Please ensure your logo is created professionally with a vector format (*.ai or *.eps) source file. We cannot accept logo images.  If you don't have a logo, we highly recommend reading our Freelance Logo Design Blog.

Multiple Designs: 

We supply single design concepts for each module. If you need unique label designs for each product, contact us.  


Review / Approval of Individual Product Labels: 

We supply you with links to an online app where you can review and critique two label layout concepts (Round + Rectangular) that we develop for your brand. Once the initial concepts are approved our team applies the concept to all of your products. There is no review process for individual products unless you're using our per product label design service. 

Drop-Ship App Monthly Service Fees
Our program includes access to our own drop-shipping app. Monthly fees are not included and vary in cost from $24.99 USD to $99 USD+ per month. These fees cover the cost of file storage and partner support to respond to any questions you may have.

There's certainly work that you will need to consider once we install your products. 


Organizing Products:
You will need to organize the products into categories on your website. We do install the products with 'Tags' so that you can sort them easily the same way we do on our own website. 

Rewrite Product Descriptions: 
Although we supply you with Product Descriptions, you will want to only use them as a template to create your own. Nothing better than Jasper, to customize product descriptions. Copy our original description, ask for a new variation based on the tone of voice you want and done. Give it a try right now!

Adjust Product Pricing: 

With a very competitive typical 40% profit margin for individual white label orders, you won't need to increase the pricing to earn a great return. We install products in USD and you can easily edit the pricing one product at a time in your admin panel or you can download a *.csv and open it within a spreadsheet program for even easier editing.

Key Benefits (Private / White Label Dropshipping)

Low start-up costs: With our private label beard care dropshipping service, businesses can start selling products without having to invest in inventory or warehousing. This means lower upfront costs and less financial risk.


Reduced operational burden: By using a dropshipping service, businesses can focus on marketing, sales, and customer service instead of worrying about product procurement, storage, and shipping.

Greater Product Control: Private label beard care dropshipping services allow businesses to customize their products with their own branding and label designs. This means you can offer unique products that stand out from the competition and better control the customer experience.

Scalability: As businesses grow, they can easily scale their operations with a drop-shipping service by increasing their product offerings and reaching new markets without having to invest in additional resources.

Higher profit margins: With lower overhead costs and a simplified supply chain, businesses using our private label beard care dropshipping service can often achieve higher profit margins compared to traditional retail models.

In summary, our private label beard care dropshipping service can help businesses reduce their operational burden, increase control over their products, and achieve higher profits, all while minimizing upfront costs and risks.

Step 1 - Company Details (Required)

Step 2 - Questionnaire (Required)

Step 3a - Women's + Unisex Product Name Rebranding - Part 1 (Optional)

Step 3b - Women's + Unisex Product Name Rebranding - Part 2 (Optional)

Step 4 - Men's Product Name Rebranding (Optional)

Step 5 - Women's + Unisex Scent & Flavor Name Rebranding (Optional)

Step 6 - Men's Scent Name Rebranding (Optional)

Step 7 - Choose Barcode Type (Required Option)

Do I need Barcodes? Read the following and check-out our Barcode Blog 

Selling products online is one of the best ways to reach customers and increase sales. Many resellers also want to place their products in brick and mortar stores, on or Barcodes allow you to do that but there's BIG variations in requirements, so please choose carefully.

Our products are supplied with the same barcodes to all partners unless you select an option to make them unique. You can not use our barcodes with major online reseller platforms. This is because there are strict rules about requirements to lease barcodes from GS1.


Bar Code Options: 

We provide a few options for barcodes to be added to products.


1.) HR Supplied - These barcodes are a standard set of barcodes owned by Hillman Reid and are used on partner products if you don't supply your own set or option to use a unique set.

2.) Partner Supplied - These barcodes would need to be supplied to HR by your team. We recommend this process if you want to sell products with major retailers.


GS1 Barcodes

GS1 leases barcodes/GTINs on a yearly basis. They are necessary for most online and traditional retailers including Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, Google, Carrefour, Tesco and Walmart.


Other Barcodes

The barcodes we offer, or that you can find with online resellers, are perfect for retail stores that don't require GS1 barcodes. You can purchase them without yearly fees. These are not permitted for use at all major reseller platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, Google, Carrefour, Tesco and Walmart. If you want to work with major retailers, please verify if they require GS1 barcodes before selecting our alternatives.



Added Services

We offer extra label and product customization services, if you're interested:

Add Different Colors for Scents
- We will add a different color for each scent name to the design for an extra $5USD per label affected (not per product) + $250USD setup

Custom Label Design For Each Product
- We will design a custom label for each product for an extra $75USD per product SKU

Custom Stamp for Glycerin Shaving Soaps Only
- $80USD Stamp Artwork & Production 
- Stamp can only be applied to Glycerin Shaving soaps for drop-shipping. We can stamp wholesale orders of cold process soaps with a min order of (15) bars and a lead time of (45) days
- (2) Variant Images of stamped glycerin soaps in container for your website @ $240USD

Custom White or Black Guitar Pick with (1) Color Print
- (1000) units @ $250USD + $50 art / screen setup (shipping of completed order will be to HR)
- Images created for your website with pick in container and visible label for each variant @ $120USD per product type (excluding Shave Soaps)

Additional custom comb designs for your Brand (Limit of 5 for each comb type)
- Supply us with designs or vector artwork to create your custom combs: CLICK HERE

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